Sunday, May 10, 2015

Obstacles on the way of your goals!

If there's something that is taking you away from doing your work, what should you do ? If there's something that stands between you and your goals would you let it take over you. Let it be anything. Simply 'anything'. Will you give your chances to it and see the opportunity fly away or grab it somehow so badly and prove yourself to the world ?

We might come across many different obstacles in this world. Many kind of obstacles which might try to stop us or put a break to us from achieving our true ambitions in life. Unfortunately, it's a true fact that getting away from the obstacle is less tougher compared to identifying 'the obstacle' itself. Because, the one that drags you away from reaching your goals could be something you love / like very much. So how are we going to realize the crux of the situation and handle it accordingly.

First of all I would like to mention that there are two ways with which we can go past the obstacle and reach our goals. First, is to avoid using or dealing with that particular thing very less, so more time could be spent on working towards your life's ambitions. Second, is to move completely out of that particular thing which is holding you from reaching your life time ambitions. But, then again it all depends on that particular situation and obstacle that you are dealing with.

Realizing the obstacle. .

Sometimes we might have habits which we think as we are doing for our leisure / time pass. And, we would in fact be spending very less time on them initially. But, as time goes by we would be a victim for that particular habit without our consciousness. Few good and obvious examples to the current day would be video games, surfing the net , chatting, texting , non-stop serials, games on social networking sites, and of course the big F, I don't like to say this, but our dear FB. :)

We would initially start them off as little things which we would do during our break time. Sometimes some of us wouldn't even like them much in the beginning. But, a reason or two would come in the middle and would make us stick to it more than we usually do. But, everything is fine as long as it's in a certain limit and you don't lose your marks in the mark sheets or lose concentration on your 'work'. But, the moment it goes out of your own control and starts ruling your 'time', I bet it surely is time you got a grip of it.

For an example FB wouldn't have been your favorite thing to do though your other friends kept hanging around it all the time. You would have simply spent very few minutes on it every week. But, a friend would've invited you to use a particular application. You would've simply clicked it 'allowed' to see what it is. But, as you kept playing it and getting progressed through stages you would have realized that it's cooler than what you thought it was. Little by little your valuable time would have been devoted to this very game and later 'game x' would have been the thing you are mostly obsessed with. Is it good or bad? Good as long as it doesn't interfere with your real goals. Bad, as it becomes an addiction and ruins you during your exam days or pulls a few vital marks off your score sheet.

The above was just an instance for an addictive situation amongst today's teen/youth generation. It isn't bad to use them or spend time with them. But, never ever let it rule over you. If you find yourself stuck up in such a situation, it's time you evaluated your best priorities.

If it's difficult to get rid of it..

  • You can set up a certain time table for yourself everyday. And, of course follow it strictly. Reduce the time of usage of that particular habit accordingly. For the first 5-7 days you could give more hours to it, then reduce it by half and hour on the coming 5-7 days and so on until you know it's usage is under limit.

  • If distracting yourself that way is difficult try to find a different hobby(which is related to your work/studies in a different way) which would make you less obsessed with that particular game. It could be anything, pick your choice wisely.

  • If taking it up on your own is difficult for you consult someone who could give you some advise and follow it up. Or you could go about searching for some 'how to' articles online , and yes they come up very useful sometimes.

Overall what that matters is what you make out of your life in a few years. If you are holding yourself from reaching your utmost potential when you started off, no one but you will have to regret it for the rest of your life. An obsession might not make you fail, but it would ruin your optimum potential and 'yourself' in many ways. It's good to analyze today than to worry tomorrow. Good luck with all your dreams!

- Ramazah R


Sankarshan Sen said...

the positive point in ur writing is that it is so much is not just to give some knowledge, it is also having the process to reach the certain limit...:-)

love ur writing...keep posting..:-)


I just want you to write.. and keep writing .. you are awesome!

janwong said...

Great post! The distraction method usually works for me and if I keep at it long enough, it stays with me. Thanks for sharing!

GvSparx said...

I don't get addicted to inanimate things :D

doubler702 said...

I agree with what you said and I think you give very good advice. I like your article it is well written too. I can't wait to read more.

s.jeet said...

nice 1 reena

R|B said...

yep...some addictions can harm u...its only u who can prevent them...