Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life :: Multiple Goals : One step at a time!

"Life is beautiful! ".. Wishes, Dreams, Goals and Ambitions are like the ingredients that when added, would make our lives, the really beautiful lives as we expect it to be. Our dreams and goals can be many. So many, that ..they all could be, when achieved might not only bring out the best in us, but also would help grow our confidence, the faith we have upon life and other beautiful things like family, relationships , and love.. But, only when the ingredients are added in the right proportion and worked out to so hard (and smoothly at the same time ) until the 'right quality content' from our lives are made out!

This might sound like the most interesting and the easy thing to do for some, while at the same time, it might sound like the toughest and the most impossible thing they've heard, for another few. But, the truth lies in simply one sentence:

"Make one step at a time, everyday , consistently"

Look at life like a beautiful playground. Imagine you wanna play your most favorite games. But, for that there's a little condition. The condition is that there are a million number of colorful pebbles lying on the floor. Your task is to fill them all inside several glass jars that are kept right beside you, defined for each game at the ground. Each time you finish adding a certain number of pebbles inside the jar until it is filled completely, each game of the play ground would be unlocked. And, you'd get to play each one of the games one by one.

The play ground of life is just like that. The games to be unlocked are our dreams and goals that we desire to achieve. When we finish adding each pebble inside the glass jar, we reach a step closer to our goal. But, we might not be able to add all the pebbles inside the jar within one day and fill it. It might take time.. Few weeks, months or a certain number of years depending on the height of the goal we need to achieve, as well as the task that is involved. But, one thing is always certain, if you could keep working every simple step, everyday, continuously with undying determination and unbroken faith, then one day you will be living those dreams once you aspired for! It's like playing that one game after filling the glass jar full, with the pebbles.

One final word for multi- tasking individuals is :

Multi - Tasking could be great. But, there are times when the same thing, if not given proper attention and care might mess up every simple little thing you do. So the best thing to do at those times is;

for an example at the starting of a year, if u wanna do planting, read a certain series of novels , learn a new language, learn to cook Chinese food , do your daily chores , work n etc.. Don't aspire to do everything at once, it would make u tire and you would end up doing only the compulsory ones and would've given up every other wish you had, even before the year ends. So the best thing to do is, divide the year into 4 parts or 3 or etc as per your requirement. If u have divided the year into 4 parts, use the first three months to complete one novel, and learning a new cooking method. Make a timetable so you don't miss any. Always , put the first things first. Once u finish them, divide the weekends or free times on weekdays to your 'little achievements list' and finish every task accordingly. But, make sure you 'keep pace' with your work and keep it consistent. Once the first three months are over you would've achieved what you wanted by then. Keep a book and record what you have done. This would make you feel more accomplished and a happier person :)

- Ramazah R