Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Peaceful Mind..!

My strength has fallen down. It's time I gave up everything. A ruined career. Many blotted dreams. Many attempts to fly away from all I have. Many attempts to run away from this very thing called life. Fake attempts. Inside the mind. Many times. Many many times. But, fortunately or unfortunately I never killed myself!

God first gives u a bundle of happinesses. Oodles of successes. And, then he hits you hard 'til the core of the last bit of your strength is almost taken out of you. You are shaken and shaken 'til you almost lose your last breath , but you still don't. That's when the 'true test' starts. Whether you are a warrior of life or a plain simple loser it would be decided at the end of the phase. I am not going to say everybody has gotta experience something exactly similar in their lives. But, hard times are for sure. And, we gotta know when our time comes and be well prepared early -at - hand, so that way we know we ain't going to stumble out at every step that we are put onto test. If we prepared earlier itself, we can survive some tests easily. For the rest we could simply use ad-hoc knowledge. Remember, life's sometimes just like an exam. Except that with no written papers, and nobody would come and say when you have your practicals! ;)

Well, but facing a hard time strongly doesn't always guarantee that you are going to resist with the same amount of strength you have always had before . It all simply depends on the challenges you face, how much stamina you have had and how much of yourself you have put into this fight (mentally). For a simple example look at a sportsman who plays day 'n' night hard on any game. Will he be able to face the challenge freshly, at late night after a hard game (of victory or failure) with the same amount of stamina he had at the beginning of the game. The answer is obviously ''No". When facing life's challenges and problems sometimes we unknowingly lose our inner strength (sometimes something we've developed over many years). And, 'peace' is one most important thing we tend to lose unconsciously (especially if the problem was something that was persisting through a long time ).

As soon as we tend to lose peace we lose everything else which is that we have managed to build around us. Our family life, love , career , the ability to focus on anything properly, our calmness, patience and the list is endless. True. If you have inner peace it is never hard to deal around with anything that comes from the outside. Remember the quote which goes on as " A calm mind can even overcome a storm." Someone who follows by this can always be a winner.

But, how to drag your mind set towards that 'particular' state which would keep u on the balance of everything. To keep light stuff at the light end. To give importance to hard stuff and keep right focus at the right time on the right thing. As far as the good methods (as approved by experts) are concerned ;

* If you are going through a hard time in life ( and you know this is almost a situation that would repeat in a circle for few months or more ) always find out many ways that would motivate you at times of falling down. Especially keep some movies saved in your PC , which will motivate you whenever you are feeling low, or keep any inspirational articles or books which have made you feel better in the past (remember they don't just work for once. Sometimes if they had helped you lift up once they can help you lift yourself up for a lifetime.)

* The above method is good to keep you on track with your work . But, to reach peace you have to try the second level of tasks. Go for meditation, breathing practices , yoga and anything that would bring peace to the mind. May be use different kind of music pieces which bring peace and focus to the mind. Follow this everyday. Breaking the routine never works. And, remember perseverance is the key to success.

* Whenever you feel like giving up, running so low, try to talk out about this with someone. Keeping it to yourself never helps. Or write it down on something like a personal journal (if there's no other way out). It surely does help. But, don't overdo it thus it brings greater amount of pain to you.

* Keep the good things in. Let the bad things out. With your breathing meditation believe all the good things in the universe are diversified towards you and the bad things within you are removed out.

* One of the best medicines in life is 'laughter'. It could cure many diseases than we think it could. So opting a little bit of time from your schedule for a comedy movie , show / book is never a bad idea. It could not only set a perfect curve on a straight face but also bring your mentality down from different state to a complete different atmosphere.

Last but not least. It doesn't matter from what religion you are. Always have faith in GOD the Almighty. A problem doesn't get solved today doesn't mean it is gonna be unsolved forever. Good times and bad times are common in life. The most important lesson to remember is , "God makes us go through valleys and peaks. But, it's in the valleys we learn the best lessons of our lives." So next time when you are going through something tough always remember GOD has put you down through the polisher. Yesterday you were a stone. Tomorrow you will be a Gem :)

- Ramazah R